Easily leverage your friends birthdays to start conversations and build relationships

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"Easy to use! As marketers, we need to stay top-of-mind with our prospects, leads, and customers. This is the perfect way to do that. Everyone appreciates when we remember their birthday, and we can remind them of what we do and maybe even give them something special to them, we stick on their mind for when they need our product or service down that road. This is a brilliant extension!"
Ed Akehurst
Founder of Genius Software

Features (and benefits) Of Birthday Wisher

Send personlized happy birthday messages on your friends birthdays.
Using our inbulit spintax you can generate many variations of your happy birthday messages. You can include your friends first name, last name, and even the current day of the week in them to personalize them. You can even include dynamic customized images and have different messages for males and females. 

Your friends will love getting personlized birthday messages from you and this is a great ice breaker and way to start a conversation and build relationships.

Posts persionalized birthday posts to your friends timelines? 
You can add a second touch point (or make this your only touch point) and also post personalized posts directly to your friends timelines on their birthdays. You can even include personalized images in your posts. 

Adding a 2nd touch point not only builds the relationship futher, but with the right kind of message it can also drive traffic to your own profile and genreate new leads for you.

Send Advanced Happy Birthday Wishes
You can use this to feature to send out advanced happy birthday wishes or simply start the conversation and prime your leads with another touch point. You can send an additional message up to 7 days before thier birthday.

Add a 3rd touch point by starting the conversation early and build even stronger relationships. They feel special.

Follow up after their birthdays
Add another touch point and send a follow up message up to 7 days after their birthday. Another simple way to re-engage and build rapport

This 4th touch point is game chaning for building rapport.

We integrate with nifty images so that you can also send personalized images in your DM's and also with your posts. You can easily include images that include their name's to give that extra personal touch. 

Give the extra "personal" touch makes your leads feel like you went out of your way for them. 

For Him and For Her
Create different messages specifically for your male friends and others for your female friends. One more layer of hyper personalization to make your leads feel that you've went out of your way for them.

A very personal touch to help you deliever relavant offers.

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